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Intervention Fundamentals is a Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider. Our trainings range from 90-minute lecture-style overviews, to interactive full-day workshops that prepare parents and professionals to implement specific treatment strategies with the children and families they support. Each workshop focuses on the process of translating research to practice in one of four functional skill areas: feeding, toilet training, communication, and sleeping, as well as the fundamental behavioral components of assessment, reinforcement, prompting, shaping, and extinction that form the backbone of the treatment strategies we implement. 
Contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss your organization's professional development goals: 412-438-3268
Intervention Fundamentals focuses on doing the basics right. We don’t simply speak about translating research to practice; we practice it daily. Decades of applied research has replicated and refined the treatment strategies we implement. While this research provides the foundation of our work, it is our firm understanding of this research and our passion that allow us to achieve the outcomes families desire.
We bring this same expertise and passion to our professional development workshops. Our mission is to empower families by guiding parents as they teach their children essential skills of daily living. The expert trainings we provide to caregivers and other professionals who work directly with families extends our impact on families. Just as we adapt our in-home services to meet the unique context of each family’s daily routine, we tailor our workshops to suit the distinct goals and capacities of your school or organization. 
Professional Development Intervention Fundamentals

“Education must not simply teach work - it must teach Life.”


W. E. B. Du Bois

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