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The 2011 PA Autism Needs Assessment states that 95% of preschool age children with autism require assistance eating and more than 10% of them still require support as adults.

We will guide you as you learn how to introduce your child to new and non-preferred foods. We will also help you teach your child how to sit and eat balanced healthy meals with your family, so that you no longer have to prepare separate meals for you and your child.

Decades of research tells us three important things about individuals with autism and eating:

  • On average, individuals with autism, eat about half as many foods as their typically developing peers.

  • Without treatment that specifically targets increasing their diet, food selectivity for most of these individuals does not improve over time. In fact, it frequently intensifies.

  • With the proper guidance, strategies that have been developed and refined in applied clinical settings can be implemented just as successfully by caregivers in the child's natural environment.

Feeding Training Intervention Fundamentals
One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
--Virginia Woolf
Contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss your feeding goals for your child:


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