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Empowering Children and Their Families by:

  • Focusing on functional skill areas that impact the entire family

  • Providing high-intensity personalized training in the family's home

  • Teaching parents and caregivers how to set and achieve goals

  • Achieving outcomes that:

    • increase their child's functional independence

    • improve the quality of life of the entire family

How We Do It

Our interventions assimilate reinforcement-based treatment strategies that have been replicated and refined across decades of applied behavioral research from home, educational, and clinical settings. This research, not the revenue-based model of conventional service delivery, guides our practice. After an initial phone or email conversation and completing our intake questionnaire, we meet with families in their homes to discuss the strategies and procedures we will teach them to achieve their desired outcomes. We then provide the family with intensive in-home training, guiding them as they implement procedures with their child. We typically provide families with around 40 hours of training across 3-5 days, and continue to provide ongoing tele-consultation until they and their child have met their goal and achieved new levels of functional independence. 

Feeding Training Intervention Fundamentals
Your child will learn to:
  • Eat new and non-preferred foods

  • Incorporate these foods into their regular diet

  • Sit at the table and eat meals together as a family

Your child will learn to:
  • Use the bathroom when taken by a caregiver

  • Approach caregivers and communicate the need to use the bathroom

Toilet Training Intervention Fundamentals
Communication Training Intervention Fundamentals
Your child will learn to:
  • Independently access his/her communication book

  • Discriminate between and select pictures for preferred items & activities

  • Approach caregivers and give them picture of desired item/activity

Your child will learn to:
  • Fall asleep independently each night

  • Sleep through the night 

Sleeping Training Intervention Fundamentals
  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider

  • Workshops tailored to suit the individual goals and capacities of your school or organization

  • From 90-minute lecture-style overviews, to full-day workshops that prepare parents & professionals to implement treatment strategies with the children and families they support, our workshops focus on the process of translating research to practice in four functional skill areas (feeding, toilet training, communication, & sleeping)


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